Biedex Market Trends

Biedex Market trends is an algorithmic signals tool, providing you trend’s analysis, available in variety of timeframes for forex pairs, gold, silver, crudeoil and cryptocurrencies. Its based on instant calculation of popular technical analysis’ indicators and pivot point levels. Check out every special feature/setting of this tool for the most effective trading in description below.

Recommendation bar

Shows exact signal strength on full range vertical scale


See detailed description below

Pivot points

Shows actual pivot point levels range for current rate of selected asset/timeframe; maximal range calculated: S3-R3

Symbols and recommendations

Main list of symbols with its major recommendation


Shows currently selected timeframe; applies to all assets in the list till changed

Recommendation by indicator

Shows signal’s fragmentation by each one of used indicators


See detailed description below

Live rate and daily change

Additional data per symbol, includes current rate and daily change in %

€19.95 Monthly

*You can cancel your subscription anytime


Settings – opens a settings panel, where user may change signal strength levels for each indicator; will be saved in browser’s cookies till deleted; settings’ button appears for 3 seconds after each asset’s change.


Chart’s button, opens a candlestick chart for selected asset/timeframe, while RSI (14), Stochastic (14,3,3) and two EMA’s [(21) – bold and (9)] are already activated; chart’s button appears for 3 seconds after each asset’s change

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