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The Biedex Terminal is an independent analytical platform providing traders and investors with a comprehensive set of necessary analytical tools for their trading and investments. During the trading day there are opportunities that arise that you should know about. A timely and insightful research and alert service that will benefit traders of all skill levels. Biedex Terminal scans the markets constantly looking for the best trading opportunities in the stock, commodity, forex and cruptocurrency markets. If You Want to Become a Better Trader,  Biedex terminal is A No-Brainer.

Signals are updated every minute. Server time (GMT +2), as shown in the terminal.

Trading Signals

Some Benefits of Biedex Analysis Terminal

Unique analytical and forecasts

Daily topical analyses. We analyze the market, not the materials from the search engines.

All kinds of analysis

Technical, fundamental, wave analysis, and reviews of the macroeconomic indicators.


We are tracing the values of 10 indicators for 25 instruments on 7 timeframes.

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