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Can Fibre Drums Be Recycled?

Fibre Drum

Fibre drumsare a cost-effective yet surprisingly robust form of industrial packaging. Manufactured from sturdy cardboard material, fibre drums are able to withstand bad weather and tough conditions, and they’re entirely recyclable.

If you’re concerned about your company’s environmental footprint, then fibre drums could be the environmentally friendly solution your business needs. In this article, the team at ITP Packaging answers the question, ‘can fibre drums be recycled?’

What Material Are Fibre Drums Made From?

Fibre drums are produced from kraft paper, a thick, highly durable form of cardboard. Kraft paper is easily cut and shaped, but it provides fantastic protection for industrial goods when rolled into drums.

The main spherical body of a fibre drum is produced from kraft paper, as is the top and bottom. To hold the drum together, strong metal chimbs are fitted around the base and top. The kraft paper used can be waterproofed with a layer of plastic to add extra strength to the product while also keeping your goods dry on the inside.

The top of the drum is removable, and the fibre drum is fitted with a metal lever closing ring that allows for safe and secure storage of industrial products, as well as easy emptying and filling of the fibre drum.

Fibre drumsare commonly known as cardboard drums or kraft drums – they’re all the same product, however.

Can Fibre Drums Be Recycled?

是的,纤维鼓可以回收,that’s one of the most important reasons to adopt them as a storage and transport solution.

最后的寿命,纤维桶可以有限公司mpletely broken down and recycled. This is the case for waterproofed fibre drums as well as non-waterproofed fibre drums.

The recycling process sees a fibre drum broken down into its different component parts (namely cardboard and metal), before being recycled into new products.

What Is the Lifespan of a Fibre Drum?

Given that they’re produced from cardboard, fibre drums have a surprisingly long lifespan. They can be reused on multiple occasions, and they provide a long-lasting storage solution that’s suitable for an impressive array of industrial goods.

The lifespan of a fibre drum can be extended through the use of protective drum liners, as well as through appropriate storage and handling techniques. They can be reused, repurposed and eventually recycled.

Why Is It Important Packaging Is Sustainable?

Sustainable packaging is incredibly important, as it provides businesses with the opportunity to reduce their energy use and lower their waste output. The more materials that can be recycled, the less waste ends up in landfill sites or needs to be destroyed.

Recycling uses far less energy than creating new products from scratch, and that helps to save valuable resources. Perhaps most importantly, this lowers a company’s carbon footprint – and that protects the planet for future generations.

Choosing sustainable packaging options such as fibre drums helps to lower costs in the long term while promoting a greener, more environmentally friendly business model.

The Benefits of Opting for a Fibre Drum

Fibre drums have a fantastic range of benefits for businesses using them for storing and transporting industrial goods. We’ve already explained how fibre drums are recyclable and environmentally friendly, but fibre drums also offer durability, versatility and an excellent level of protection, too.

Fibre drums are produced to UN standards, allowing them to hold everything from foodstuff to hazardous waste. Their industrial design ensures that fibre drums can be stored in warehouses and stacked in large numbers using warehouse equipment such as forklifts. Given how cost-effective they are, fibre drums are a viable alternative to traditional steel or plastic drums.

Here are the major benefits of opting for fibre drums:

  • Cost-effective: low, upfront cost compared to other forms of industrial packaging.
  • Recyclable: can be reused multiple times before being recycled.
  • 健壮的:提供一个优秀的保护水平goods when in storage or transport.
  • UN rated: ensures fibre drums are suitable for industrial use.
  • Versatile: can be used to store everything from foodstuff to hazardous waste.

Contact ITP Packaging for More Information on Sustainable Packaging

Cost-effective, versatile and produced from recyclable materials, fibre drums are the environmentally friendly packaging solution that your business has been seeking.

ITP Packaging stocks a comprehensive range of fibre drums, and our expert team is ready to advise you on the best options to meet your industrial needs.Contact our packaging experts todayto find out more about fibre drums.

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