Crypto Supporters Discuss Satoshi Nakamoto’s Pre-Release Bitcoin Code And Its Features


Crypto Supporters Discuss Satoshi’s Pre-Release Bitcoin Code And Its Features

The cryptocurrency community has been discussing an early version of the Bitcoin source code that Satoshi himself shared with a few people before launching the original Bitcoin (BTC) paper on January 3, 2019. This previous source code includes a private version of the most popular digital asset.

A Different Bitcoin Version Created By Satoshi?

Satoshi Nakamoto, the anonymous creator of Bitcoin has also been working on other projects. Bitcoin supporters have been talking about a private version shared to other developers before the official launch of Bitcoin.

The Bitcoin proponent Francis Pouliot has recently shared a version of Satoshi’s source code and also a letter in which he sent “the main files” to James A. Donald. In this source code, there are some interesting things that describe the Bitcoin network. For example, Satoshi mentions the term “bitcoin miner” to make reference to participants in the network, however, this term was not used in the original Bitcoin white paper.

Satoshi Nakamoto did not call Bitcoin’s smallest unit “Satoshis.” Indeed, he called it a “coin” (1,000,000) and he used the term “cent” (10,000).

Another interesting finding is related to how Satoshi Nakamoto called the blockchain. He used the term “Timechain” rather than what we usually call blockchain.

About the time chain, Satoshi explained:

“The time chain is a tree-shaped structure starting with the genesis block at the root. pprev and pnext link a path through the amain longest chain. Pnext will only point forward to the longest branch or will be null if the block is not part of the longest chain.”

Until now, there is no information regarding who Satoshi Nakamoto is and what he did after Bitcoin’s creation. He did not appear anywhere else anymore and he did not provide any information about his real identity.

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