Junior Mining Stocks: Buy Fur Coats During A Summer Heat Wave

Buy Fur Coats During A Summer Heat Wave…buy junior miners during the summer doldrums when most people are snoozing.

My Father grew up in the garment business as my grandfather had a successful tailor and dry cleaning store in the South Bronx right off the Bruckner Blvd. One of the first lessons he taught me was buy the highest quality winter gear during a heat wave in the summer. Most people don’t even look out a few weeks let alone a few months. Use other people’s shortsightedness as an advantage to get bargain basement opportunity.

Although it’s the summer doldrums and it’s hard to stay focused on the markets, we must not ignore the few areas in the mining sector that are really drawing the attention of the markets. Eventually our sector will come back and could possibly lead. Look at and , a couple of years ago they were in the basement and now they have led over the past year. They’ve almost moved up so high recently that I got nervous for a short term pullback. Same with miners, they will eventually come back into favor as the explorers are having a hard time finding new economic gold deposits. There will be more investments into the juniors. Notice the recent strategic move of Goldcorp Inc (NYSE:) to take a position in Allegiant Gold Ltd (V:) which I featured only a few weeks ago right here.

Let’s look at three current positions that I have recently featured. Since early May some of our featured companies are up exponential. This has come at a time when frankly the junior mining sector has sucked. In some ways its almost as bad as the end of 2015.

Nevertheless, don’t give up hope. Attention should be paid as there is a major conference in Vancouver all next week run by the big boys Sprott, Rick Rule and Doug Casey. I expect a lot of news going into that conference and possibly buying in the market as you have the top mining promoters and investors who can afford the $900 entrance fee. Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend, but I will have subscribers there that could report back.

Sprott Natural Resources Symposium

First off, there are two areas that many of my active subscribers are currently interested in and that I expect to see a push at the conference. One of them is the golden triangle in BC. It’s getting a lot of interest. Last summer, a few stocks went from pennies to dollars as they hit with drilling. I think we could see another summer of great results thanks to the global warming in that area that has led glaciers to recede and new gold targets to be found. I recently highlighted and bought shares in the open market of Goliath Resources (V:) run by Roger Rosmus.

They are drilling two new discoveries during this season. Management is very confident that this year’s drilling success will have a positive and material impact on the market cap. The stock is on the verge of a major cup and handle breakout at $.28 where the next stop could be $.40 according to the technicals. Give Roger Rosmus a call if you would like to learn more!

Another area which could start gaining momentum again is the Pilbara in Western Australia. Eric Sprott has been adding to his position and I expect more bulk sampling news which could prove more continuity in the region. I expect some news before this upcoming conference. As you know I recently bought shares and have been highlighting Pacton Gold Inc (V:) as our pick. Novo may be bought out soon by Kirkland Lake (TO:) with some development success which could put all the eyeballs on Pacton which Sprott just bought into when the company raised around $5.5 million and now control the 3rd largest position in the Pilbara Region.


The chart is excellent looking to form another breakout above $.90. Its been one of the best performers on the TSX Venture in 2018. It could be just the beginning if Novo makes some positive developments going into this Sprott Conference in Vancouver.

For more information on Pacton Gold contact 1-(855)-584-0258 or info@pactongold.com and ask to speak to the Chairman Dominic Verdejo

Check out their recent news by clicking here.

Finally, I would like for you to look at an interview with Plateau Energy Metals Inc (V:). You may remember it as Plateau Uranium but it has changed its name as they have made a huge lithium discovery which they have taken from discovery to a possible maiden resource any day now which could knock the socks off the lithium industry! It could be big. I wouldn’t be surprised if this could be soon taken out by a or possibly the Chinese once they have that maiden resource in hand as early as the next couple of weeks.

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