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Four more Chinese cities warned over pace of home price growth By Reuters

© Reuters. Residential buildings under construction are...

STATUS Price Analysis: Unique Dapp solution attempts to gain traction

Following an impressive ICO and 2017's bull run, the bear market has significantly diminished the market cap of SNT. Unlike many alts that have...

Litecoin Price Analysis – A potential end to the bull trend

Fundamentals suggest network use in terms of both the number of transactions and daily active addresses has stagnated and begun to decline.

Bitcoin Price Analysis – Fundamentals continue growing

Almost all network fundamentals have either continued to show signs of increasing growth, or have recently broken through multi-month range highs.

Augur Price Analysis- Project matures but user numbers still low

Augur (REP) has been a standout altcoin performer in 2019, rising over 100% since January 1st. Core updates and periphery applications built around the...

Ethereum Price Analysis – Transactions per day and daily active addresses plateau

Transactions per day and daily active addresses have begun to plateau over the past month. Despite this, the number of new ETH wallets continue...

Gnosis Price Analysis: Bearish for now with long term potential

After accumulating a sizable war chest during its ICO and enjoying strong speculation backed gains during the 2017 bull run, the Gnosis project has...

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Tribes, environmentalists battle copper mine in Arizona

In this photo taken Monday, May 13, 2019, a sign for Sonoita stands in the heart of southeastern Arizona where owners of wineries...